PICS: Some folk in Cork are already queuing up for Ed Sheeran tickets 5 years ago

PICS: Some folk in Cork are already queuing up for Ed Sheeran tickets

The love for Ed Sheeran is stronger than any of us are ready or willing to admit.

At the time of writing, today is Thursday 6 June.


The tickets go on sale Saturday 8 June.

The gig isn't until Friday 4 May... next year.

Talk about delayed gratification...

Anyways, a local Corkonian happened to be walking passed Merchants Quay when he noticed a long queue of people sitting out on deckchairs, and he took to Twitter to find out what the 4-1-1 was...



The Cork gig is just one of seven gigs that the 'Galway Girl' singer has lined up for 2018 in Ireland alone, with rumours of even more to be added to the schedule here.

Happily, it looks like only true Sheerios (the name of Ed's fanbase, in case you didn't know) will be able to enjoy the gig, as there are some harsh anti-touting procedures being put in place.


As we reported last week, accompanying the tour dates on Ed’s website is a notice to fans that they will be required to bring their tickets, booking confirmation and credit card, plus a form of ID to the concerts or they may not be granted entry to the show.

Furthermore, tickets are not valid if resold, unless it is through Twickets, an official face-value resale partner who have teamed up with Ed for next summer’s tour.

So to those people who are already queuing in Cork, we wish you a pleasant few days in the company of some fellow die-hard Ed fans!