Ed Sheeran fans will have an opportunity to see him perform an intimate concert for next to nothing 5 years ago

Ed Sheeran fans will have an opportunity to see him perform an intimate concert for next to nothing

The singer-songwriter is showing his love for Irish fans in a big way.

To coincide with St Patrick's Day, Dermot O’ Leary and Ed Sheeran have announced an intimate fundraising concert for the London Irish Centre Charity (LICC) in which Ed Sheeran will perform to 400 people in the Centre in June of this year.


The fundraising event, set to take place on Tuesday, 19, June, will be the first event of the charity’s annual ‘evening with Dermot O’Leary’ programme.

And fans from both Ireland and the UK can bag themselves tickets in a very cheap and easy way while also doing some good in the process.

Fans who donate £10 (€11.33) or more to the LICC will be entered in a draw to win tickets for the exclusive event. 100% of the proceeds will be going to the charity, which supports the development of its charitable services and the reimagining of the London Irish Centre’s historic premises

Fans can donate the suggested £10 or more as many times as they wish to win one of five pairs of tickets up for grabs to attend the event set to be held in the centre's grand ballroom.


The draw runs from 17 March - 31 March with the winners being selected on Tuesday, 3 April.

The ‘evening with Dermot O’Leary’ programme is part of the charity’s wider fundraising campaign to help further develop its charitable services and refurbish its historic Camden-based building.


Ed Sheeran has recently joined O'Leary in becoming a patron for the charity, proudly confessing his Irish heritage an excitement for the gig.

“My Irish heritage is something of which I’ve always been proud of, so this concert feels like a natural fit," he says.

"I love what the London Irish Centre Charity do in terms of being at the heart of championing Irish culture and community in London, and their plans are really exciting. I’m hoping that people like Dermot O’Leary, myself and others can help them get their voice heard. We’re all very excited about the summer 2018 show – this is going to be something very special.”

Dermot O’Leary, who grew up in London to Irish parents, also made note of his national pride and keenness to celebrate the London Irish community in any way he can.


“It’s a big honour for me to be patron of the London Irish Centre Charity. I'm very proud of my Irish heritage; my parents were part of the post war generation of immigrants who came to London to find a new life, so the London Irish community is one that is very close to my heart," O'Leary said.

"I’m looking forward to helping the London Irish Centre both promote Irish culture and support vulnerable people.”

For more information on what is set to be a stellar evening for a very good cause, you can check out the LICC's website right here.