This Fianna Fáil politician has released a dance-pop album, and it's actually not half-bad 6 years ago

This Fianna Fáil politician has released a dance-pop album, and it's actually not half-bad

Definitely catchier than Michael Healy Rae's stuff, that's for sure...

By day, Fianna Fáil councillor Trevor Gilligan looks after his constituants in the Clondalkin, Newcastle and Rathcoole areas of Dublin.


By night, however, he transforms into a musician which finds him smack-bang in the centre of Venn Diagram consisting of Calvin Harris, Jamiroquai and Justin Timberlake.

In the press release that arrived alongside his first album - titled, uhm, My 1st Album - Gilligan stated: "I've been playing and making music since my early teens, so I should have done this a lot sooner. I suppose the fear of failure held me back, which is strange considering I have ran for election three times since I was 20."

The three-track EP consists of the JT-inspired piano-pop jam 'No Need', and if you're thinking "Gosh, I really hope they made a music-video go to along with this single!", you're in luck, as his track soundtracks a young couple enjoying what looks like the most geographically-varied date in the history of romance.


Clip via trevorgilligan

We particularly like the bit at the very end where the male love interest seems to have forgotten where he was going and suddenly changes direction, like he may have just remembered he left the iron on back home.

'No Need' can be found on Spotify here along with the other two tracks: 'Summer Sun' definitely has a Jamiroquai vibe to it, and Gilligan said he got inspiration for it while watching an episode of A Place In The Sun, while 'Addicted 2 U' does sound like early Calvin Harris, all synthy and upbeat.

In all honestly, it absolutely isn't the worst thing we've ever heard. It is certainly better produced and catchier than some of charting pop songs we've heard on the radio in the last few weeks and months.


Fair play to him!