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01st Jul 2024

Everyone’s saying the same thing after Fontaines D.C.’s Glastonbury set

Simon Kelly

Fontaines D.C.

G’wan the lads.

Fontaines D.C. have left their Glastonbury crowd stunned after an unbelievable set on Friday night.

The Dublin-based band headline the Park Stage, annoyingly clashing with fellow rockers Idles on The Other Stage just down the hill from them, and made a very strong case to be future Main Stage headliners.

Fans have lauded the performance of the post-punk band, who performed a number of songs from their upcoming fourth album ‘Romance’.

The band also rolled through some classics like ‘Jackie Down The Line’, ‘Sha Sha Sha’ and ‘Boys In The Better Land’.

With their set being played on the BBC and iPlayer, unlike fellow Irishmen Kneecap, many took to social media saying the same thing – that Fontaines D.C. are the best live band at the moment.

Everyone’s saying the same thing after Fontaines D.C.’s Glastonbury set

“Unbelievable stuff from Fontaines DC headlining the Park Stage at Glastonbury on Friday night,” said one fan following the set.

“Not too much new stuff but ‘Favourite’ is an instant 10/10”

Another commented: “Fontaines DC are the best band in the world at the moment and I’m sorry if you don’t think so.”

A third lamented the unfortunate schedule clash, saying: “Idles overlapping with Fontaines. Two of the best bands out there. Whoever says the music industry is dead is just speaking utter toilet. Incredible. Fontaines are one of the most important bands of the decade.”

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Another gushed: “Grian Chatten is the lyrical genius of our time and Fontaines D.C. are the best band out there at the moment – new stuff is so fresh and making everyone else look so so beige atm.”

Finally, another fan said: “Fontaines D.C. just casually dropped an all-timer headline set on The Park. One of THE best bands in the world right now”

They may be a while off headlining the main stage just yet, but there’s no doubt that the Dublin band are going from strength to strength, based off of the reaction to their set.

With four albums releasing in the past five years, Grian Chatten and the boys show no sign of slowing down and their latest releases show a brand new, exciting direction which is already gaining its plaudits.

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