Warning issued over high price black market Garth Brooks tickets 1 year ago

Warning issued over high price black market Garth Brooks tickets

Are you getting tickets this week?

In case you somehow missed it, Ireland is once again overcome with Garth Brooks fever.


Monday saw the man roll into Dublin for a rather surreal press conference in which he insisted that selling out five nights at Croke Park again represents an "impossible" mountain to climb.

Take that one with a pinch of salt, you'd think.


With two gigs officially confirmed and going on sale on Thursday morning, an inevitable warning has been sounded about extortionate black market tickets.

Ticket exchange and resale company Viagogo will not be listing any secondary market tickets for the event, due to the introduction of the Sale of Tickets Act in July of this year.

Under the terms of the act, the secondary ticket market is subject to regulation, thus prohibiting the reselling of tickets in an environment where prices are likely to rise above the original listing.

Nonetheless, it is anticipated that the practice will arise anyway.


“Unfortunately, this legislation just means that ticket resales will now return to unregulated black markets where fans are likely to pay higher prices such as social media sites, in pubs, clubs and car parks where no guarantees or customer service exist," said a Viagogo spokesperson.

"We are committed to complying with all legal obligations under this Act, as we have done since it was put in place. We continue to engage with the Department to ensure full compliance."

Speaking at Croke Park on Monday, Brooks played the humble showman, saying that he doesn't anticipate the "miracle" of shifting 400,000 tickets in 2014 will happen twice.

"I’d love to do five but I’d also like to be six foot five and have abs," he joked.


“What happened in 2014 was a fricking miracle – there’s no way we’re going to do that number again. I can’t see us doing five – would I love it to happen? Yes. But I think it’s impossible."

Featured Image via Sam Boal / RollingNews.ie