LISTEN: The first track released from Hans Zimmer's Dunkirk soundtrack is intense 6 years ago

LISTEN: The first track released from Hans Zimmer's Dunkirk soundtrack is intense

The working relationship between Hans Zimmer and Christopher Nolan has always given us something pretty special.

The composer created the very unique soundtracks to some of Nolan's big screen outings, including the landmark scores to to the likes of Inception, The Dark Knight and Interstellar.


Over the years he's also provided some of the most iconic soundtracks of all time, such as his work on Pirates Of The Caribbean, Sherlock Holmes, Gladiator, plus his one Oscar-win (to date) for The Lion King.

So every time we know he's working on another blockbuster - particularly with Nolan - then we know we're going to be getting some good.

To that end, we have not been disappointed, as the first track for his score of Dunkirk has just been released, and it is an absolute stormer.

A horn-heavy, epic-length (over 8 minutes!), incredibly tense track, we imagine 'Supermarine' will be accompanying some pretty intense scenes on the screen, and with Nolan already warning us that Dunkirk will be less of a war movie and more a survival movie, from what we're hearing here, that already sounds bang on the money.


Clip via WaterTower Music

We particular enjoy what sounds like full sound effects from the movie being incorporated into the music itself. Can you fire the what sounds like gunfire from aircrafts? Running boots hitting metal floors? The insistent ticking clock? It all builds to a crescendo that, we imagine, will fully erupt into some massive explosion on the big screen.

Can we PLEASE just get to see this movie already??


Not to worry, as we'll all get to hear the soundtrack in full, as well as the movie itself, when Dunkirk reaches Irish shores on 21 July, and keep an eye on over the next few days for your chance to win tickets to the Dublin premiere.