Happy Canada Day! JOE takes a look at some of our favourite Canadian musical artists 8 years ago

Happy Canada Day! JOE takes a look at some of our favourite Canadian musical artists

What! No Justin Bieber?

Today is Canada Day and to celebrate, JOE has decided to take a look at some of our favourite Canadian songs. We think you'll agree that they are the perfect mix of brilliant, oddly nostalgic and, as with any JOE party playlist, nice and cheesy. Enjoy.


Arcade Fire

Fresh from another brilliant concert in Marlay Park last weekend, the Win Butler-led band have conquered the world since releasing their breathtaking debut album 'Funeral' back in 2004. Four albums, multiple Grammy awards and numerous sold-out gigs all around the world; not too shabby for the Montreal/Quebec rockers.

Clip - via ArcadeFireVEVO



JOE absolutely loves Leslie Feist and her catchy pop stylings, both as a solo artist and with indie rockers Broken Social Scene. If this video doesn't lighten your mood then nothing will. The best thing to come out of Nova Scotia since erm...

Clip via -Sesame Street


Celine Dion

We all love this one... right!?

*Cue crickets*

OK, so it's just us then.


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JOE are big fans of the British Columbia duo and we definitely recommend their brilliant pop-rock album 'Celebration Rock'. This tune is so good that it was used as the entrance theme for the Vancouver Canucks ice hockey team. A proud moment for any Canadian.


Clip via - PolyvinylRecords

Bran Van 3000

JOE actually has been drinking in LA before. We highly recommend it.

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Crash Test Dummies

This song will always bring back painful memories for JOE. It was the only time when things got serious between Harry and Lloyd in Dumb and Dumber. In fairness, we would be pretty angry too if our mates drove 1/6 of the way across the country in the wrong direction.

Clip via - crashtestdummiescom

The Band

A regular sing-song favourite of ours. JOE sings it quite well, we actually have a lovely voice, not unlike Celine Dion in her prime. WHICH IS ALWAYS.

Clip via - MrChrisLovesRock6195

Bryan Adams

It's still far too soon to be playing  'Everything I Do'. We need a few more years to pass...

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Alanis Morisette

These lyrics probably still frighten the bejaysus out of lads that are cheating on their partners all around the world...

Clip via - Alanis Morissette

Neil Young

No list of Canadian musical maestros would be complete without Toronto's most famous man.

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Right, we're off to rummage through our CD collections and see if we can find some other Canadian crackers. Barenaked Ladies, Len, Billy Talent, Crystal Castles, Chromeo and we cant resist this one also...

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