Irish band looking for public to star in brand new music video 3 years ago

Irish band looking for public to star in brand new music video

Fancy getting involved?

With everyone stuck at home at the moment, there's no shortage of online music sessions, selfie songs and virtual choir performances taking place right now.


Let's just forget about that celebrity 'Imagine' video for now.

Irish band Picture House have just launched their own appeal for people to get involved in a brand new music video project. Ahead of the release of their new single, 'When I See You Again', they'd love everyone to send a message to all the people they care most about.

Here's the band's message explaining what the appeal is all about...

We are asking everyone who has a message they want to send to upload your photograph memory or picture as a message from you to them. We will then put these pictures into our video of this song for you to share with the ones you love.

We will be making a few of these, to make sure every message possible gets to those who matter most.

This is for everyone, so please send them for people far away too, grandparents, children, Moms, Dads, families, colleagues and friends everywhere.


You can click here to get involved and in the meantime, while the sun is shining, turn up the volume and enjoy this iconic blast from the Picture House past...

Clip via PictureHouse