JOE meets...Mr. Motivator to chat about Electric Picnic 10 years ago

JOE meets...Mr. Motivator to chat about Electric Picnic

We all remember Mr. Motivator from back in the day on GMTV, so JOE sat down to chat to him today about Electric Picnic and staying motivated


Remember when GMTV used to have Derrick Evans, also known to many as Mr. Motivator, on in the mornings to get everyone up and out of bed, with a hop, skip, and jumpercise? JOE remembers.

So we caught up with Mr. Motivator himself to chat about this year's Electric Picnic and the Electric Ireland dance tent, being powered by #dancergy, staying motivated and being the most positive man alive.

So if you're headed to Electric Picnic, pop into the Electric Ireland tent and get your '90s nostalgia dance on, and you'll be spurred on by Mr. Motivator himself!


If you want to catch one of the sessions, they're on tonight in the Electric Ireland tent at 7.30, or on Saturday and Sunday at 2pm, 4.30pm and 7.30pm. There are 5,000 Dancergy bands to hand out, but it's first come first served, so you have to head there promptly!