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07th Jul 2017

JOE’s Song Of The Day #456: Run in Red – ‘The Ricochet’


Play this song so loud that it ricochets off your wall.

Run in Red’s, The Richochet, doesn’t sound like something from 2017. It has a pure 90s sound about it and the chorus is something that you could definitely imagine yourself roaring back to the band in a big sing-a-long.

It’s not just the chorus that brings a good sound to your ears, the slow guitars hook you in and keep you under their spell until the very end of the song.

Neil from Run in Red told JOE:

“It’s is our second single from our independently released EP entitled: The Revelled Theory Mind. We started in late 2016 and recorded over the winter in a studio we have off of O’Connell Street.

“The band is actually transatlantic with half of the members from Brooklyn, New York and the rest from Dublin. We have been gigging around town (and even a brief stint in NYC last month) in preparation for going into the studio this autumn to record our first full-length album. We hope to release that in spring of 2018.”

We look forward to the release of that album and if there are more songs on it like The Ricochet, we’re in for a treat.

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