JOE’s Song Of The Day #772 – The Vercettis ‘You’ 3 months ago

JOE’s Song Of The Day #772 – The Vercettis ‘You’

The second single from The Vercettis' debut EP.

'You' is the second single from the debut EP by The Vercettis, which was recorded late last year in Monique Studios in Cork with Christian Best. The Cork-based outfit have been on the go since 2016, working on their sound, honing their craft.

In January, The Vercettis released the single 'Porno Star', a groovy rock song that looks at sexual insecurity in an honest and sensitive way. Their latest single 'You' follows a similar theme and explores the feeling of lingering, unrequited love.

The Vercettis

'You' is a chilled out indie rock song with heavy hip hop influences. It explores unwanted lingering thoughts of a romantic interest even though the relationship is seen to be bad or unhealthy.

Clip via The Vercettis

The lads are working away on new material and you can keep posted on their progress via their Facebook page right here.

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