JOE’s Song Of The Day #892 – Rory and the Island 'I Miss This' 5 months ago

JOE’s Song Of The Day #892 – Rory and the Island 'I Miss This'

The man behind one of the most famous songs in recent GAA history is back with a tune dripping in nostalgia.

Remember The Revs? If not, how about 'Jimmy's winning matches', the song that goes hand in hand with Donegal's All-Ireland win in 2012, masterminded by Jim McGuinness.


What both have in common is Rory Gallagher, former lead singer of The Revs, author and singer of 'Jimmy's winning matches' and now an esteemed solo artist who goes by the name Rory and the Island.

The name is inspired by Gallagher's move to the Canary Islands, somewhere pretty much all of us used to visit, and this particular song is inspired by the stuff we all used to do before the impact of Covid-19.

Going to festivals, pubs, matches, remember all of that? This song, 'I Miss This' and the accompanying music video will have you yearning for the good old days as if you weren't yearning enough.

Commenting on the video, Rory tells us: "It was a simple concept of creating a contrast between old images of normal lively scenes of life such as music festivals, gigs, football games and busy cafes, etc against the backdrop of being stuck indoors with my family during lockdown just waiting around and trying to pass the time without going insane...".

It's a very catchy tune and will probably induce tears when you look at the video. A recap of the glory days, a look back at a time when life was fun, those days will come back.

For now though, as Rory says, I miss this...


Clip via Rory and the Island

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