JOE’s Song Of The Day #893 – Local Boy ‘Thoughts’ 4 months ago

JOE’s Song Of The Day #893 – Local Boy ‘Thoughts’

Local Boy does good with latest release.

Local Boy is the alter-ego of Dublin musician, producer, singer and Burner Records co-founder, Jake Hurley.


This is the second single from his forthcoming EP and follows last month's release, titled 'Al Bundy'.

This is fast-paced indie pop and immediately, I am drawn to the energy and freshness of 'Hey Ya!' by Outkast as soon as the song kicks off. There's a lot going on but it's packed full of fun and heart.

'Thoughts' is a song about the frustration of trying to improve one’s mental health using self-help resources that are more often about a business making a profit than genuinely improving the lives of their audience.

The EP is due for release this summer and it will certainly be one worth checking out, given the quality of the two tracks released ahead of it.

You know yourself, in these times, more than ever, support your own and shop local.

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