Try to remain calm, but it looks like Yeezus 2 is inbound 3 years ago

Try to remain calm, but it looks like Yeezus 2 is inbound

Love him or hate him, you can't deny his talents.

Between 2004 and 2013, Kanye dropped no less than NINE albums - including Watch The Throne with Jay-Z and Cruel Summer with GOOD Music - but then it took him three years to release the eternally tinkered with The Life Of Pablo.


Arguably his best album to date has been Yeezus, when he seemed to be at his most aggressively creative, and his ever-present self-pitying was at its lowest ebb. He also drafted in the likes of Daft Punk, Arca, Hudson Mohawke and Rick Rubin to give the album a sound that remains unequalled to this day.

It was Rubin who advised West to keep the as minimal as possible, and it ran in at just 10 tracks long, as opposed to The Life Of Pablo, which ran to 20 tracks.

While West has been keeping pretty low-key in the last while, probably in direct reaction to all of the recent drama between himself and Jay-Z, it does now appear that he is on the comeback trail.

Earlier this week, he made his first live appearance in a year, sharing the stage with Kid Cudi during his concert in Chicago, and he also dropped his first guest rap in over seven months, dropping a very angry verse against his haters on Cyhi The Prynce's latest track 'Dat Side'.

Clip via CyHiThePrynceVEVO

Speaking of CyHi The Prynce, he recently uploaded a playlist to Spotify, which to date remains offline and unable to be played by the public, but the thing that caught everyone's attention about the playlist - which was titled ypm - is that assigns every track to the album title Yeezus 2.


Could they be the leftover tracks from the first Yeezus, being released as some kind of special edition? Could they be the first handful of tracks to the official sequel to that album? Considering that Yeezus was named album of the year by everyone from The Guardian to Entertainment Weekly to Time Magazine, going back to that well sounds like a great idea to us.

Watch The Throne this space...