Kid refuses to leave stage after Foo Fighters invite him up to play drums 5 years ago

Kid refuses to leave stage after Foo Fighters invite him up to play drums

We can't blame him to be honest.

Foo Fighters have a history of having interesting experiences during their live shows.


We've seen Dave Grohl take part in an epic "drum-off" with Animal from The Muppets, and have seen them invite someone on-stage to play guitar during their hit song 'Monkey Wrench', only to be blown away at their talent.

That trend continued at a gig of theirs last week after they invited an eight-year-old boy up onto the stage to play drums with them.

The concert in question was taking place at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, when Grohl and co. asked a Venezuelan child named Little Fonzie up to join them in front of the thousands' strong crowd.

Little Fonzie impresses with his skills and delights the crowd as he bashes away on the drums without a care in the world. Unfortunately it gets a little awkward when Fonzie sort of, em, forgets he's at a Foo Fighters gig and just keeps on playing and playing.


At one point Grohl jokingly asks "He’s still going… Can I have my concert back?”

Unperturbed, Little Fonzie keeps going, at which point Grohl calls his dad on-stage and says: “What are we gonna do? There’s nothing we can do… We’re not in day care right now.”


Will this stop the band from inviting random people on-stage to play with them? Seems unlikely. And if things like this keep happening that's something we can all be happy about.