Lewis Capaldi muted by BRITs during chaotic, swear-y speech 2 years ago

Lewis Capaldi muted by BRITs during chaotic, swear-y speech

It was ******* chaotic.

Lewis Capaldi sent the audio guys at the Brit awards into meltdown on Tuesday night as he presented an award to Dua Lipa and descended into chaotic swearing on live TV. The 24-year-old singer, who is known for his chart-topping anthems, greeted the audience with a to-the-point, "Hello motherf***ers!". He was then hastily muted by ITV before it was lifted and another swearword slipped out as he said: "I'm f***ing s-"


Once again, he was muted continuously before pausing and said: "Sorry, I was reading off a card here - 'how is everyone doing?'

To be honest, it was quite difficult to understand anything else he said through the muting, and fans were quick to flock to Twitter to discuss. One fan was absolutely delighted with the turn of evening saying, "Lewis Capaldi saying 'hello mother****ers' live at the brits will forever be burned into my brain I love him sm."

The singer quickly began trending on the platform with another user saying, "Lewis Capaldi trending for being chaotically hilarious as he should #Brits2021" another wondered how busy the audio guys must be, "Lewis Capaldi is absolutely trollied, what a guy. Audio guys must be busy #Brits2021."

One fan was quick to outline the singer's iconic status:


Love him or hate him, you have to admit Lewis has a way with words, even if we'll never get to hear them.