Liam Gallagher wants Conor McGregor to star in his next music video 4 years ago

Liam Gallagher wants Conor McGregor to star in his next music video

As you were...

We've known for a while now that Noel was a big fan of Conor McGregor, and we can add the other Gallagher brother to the Notorious' list of famous fans.


A few months back, Noel had a bit of a rave about McGregor, with nothing but praise for the Irish fighter:

"You know, charisma will get you a long way. If you're talented and you got charisma, the world is your oyster. That guy has got it. It's like, wow, where have you come from? What planet are you from? I'd love to meet him. I've got a lot of Irish friends from Dublin. They said, 'Guy's like him, they're on every street corner where he comes from, he just happens to be a fighter.'"

Shadowing his brother's opinion, in the early hours of Saturday morning Liam took to Twitter to announce the following:


We assume the film he's talking about is the documentary Notorious - which we were not fans of at the time, and only seems worse in light of recent events - and at the time of writing, McGregor has yet to respond to Liam's tweet.

We're not entirely sure what music video it would be, as 'Come Back To Me' was the fifth single from Liam's first solo album As You Were, and that song was released back in November 2017.

Could this be a hint that Liam is also working on some new solo stuff? Possibly. And McGregor might have found his new soundtrack for his walk to the octagon.


Watch this space.