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14th Apr 2017

LISTEN: TLC release the first single from their first new album in 15 years

Rory Cashin

We don’t really have to tell you how great TLC are, do we?

Actually, we don’t have to tell you, we’ll let the legendary Michael Keaton tell you instead.

Clip via Brandon Crothers

Anyways, TLC haven’t had a new album out since their 2002 release 3D, which was released just a few months after the death of Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopez.

‘Way Back’ comes equipped with a laid-back rap-verse by Snoop Dogg, and is the first single from TLC’s upcoming, as-yet-untitled new album which was crowdfunded via Kickstarter, and will be released in full on 30 June.

The song is produced by the guys who gave us some of the best late 90s/early 00s tracks from The Black Eyed Peas, Usher, P. Diddy and Janet Jackson, and that’s probably why ‘Way Back’ sounds like the last 20 years never happened.

Which we’re totally fine with, by the way.

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