WATCH: 6th Year students in Naas perform stunning choral song to mark 100 years since the end of World War I 3 years ago

WATCH: 6th Year students in Naas perform stunning choral song to mark 100 years since the end of World War I

A spellbinding tribute.

Sunday 11 November 2018 marks 100 years to the day since world leaders signed the Armistice, signalling the conclusion of World War I.


In honour of that event, various celebrations and commemorations are taking place across the world.

Here at home, national broadcaster RTÉ has been airing a collection of World War I-themed programmes, which continue across the weekend.

Music is a key focus of those features, and its unique power has captivated just about anyone who has seen a special project by the students of Naas CBS in Kildare.

This week, 6th Year students of Naas CBS gathered to perform a choral version of Eric Bogle's 'No Man's Land', also known as 'The Green Fields of France', in honour of this historic occasion.

The song was written in 1976 by Bogle, a Scottish-Australian folk artist, who found himself reflecting on the grave of a young man who died in World War I upon visiting the military graveyards in Northern France.

The track has been hailed as a powerful anti-war poem and was famously covered by Joss Stone, whose version drew criticism for possibly sanitising the song in a more commercial fashion.

As for the Naas CBS version, we think you'll agree that they've done the track great justice indeed.


Student Kevin Ó Siondaile chose the song, having a personal connection of his own.

"A few weeks ago I approached our teacher about doing a version of this song as I felt it would be a fitting tribute to the tens of thousands of Irish who died in the war, and especially the 52 from Naas," says Ó Siondaile.

"This song is especially poignant for me as my great-great-grandfather was a Chief Petty Officer during the war in the Royal Navy.

"This was a team effort from start to finish and I'm absolutely delighted with the amazing reaction we've received!"

Check it out below.


Clip via Naas CBS Music

Thanks to Zac Hayes for sending this in.

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