Chris Martin states that Coldplay "want to play live" in the future but with fewer dates 3 years ago

Chris Martin states that Coldplay "want to play live" in the future but with fewer dates

Here's hoping for an Irish date.

Long before they sold out Croke Park and performed to millions of people around the world, some Irish music fans might remember seeing Chris Martin and co. perform at Belfast's Ulster Hall and Dublin's Olympia Theatre in 2000.


However, for the large majority, 2001 was their breakthrough year as they provided support for U2 at Slane alongside the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Relish, JJ72, and Kelis.

Yep, we've come a long way from Parachutes and since then, the band have become one of the biggest acts in the world but it appears that fame has its trappings.

To most people, a sign of musical superstardom is when certain artists and bands get to play the half-time show at the Superbowl but during a recent interview with, Chris Martin spoke candidly about how that performance - and the reaction to it - influenced the direction of their new album, Everyday Life.

"After we did the Super Bowl, we took so much shit, and then we went on the biggest tour we’ve ever been on,” he said. “It made me realise, okay some people really like what we do and some people really don’t – and we love them equally. I’m just happy and grateful to be a human, I don’t mind if you don’t love what we do but we do love what we do.”


With regards to a potential tour of the new album, Martin said that the band will be back on the road but they're going to be playing fewer dates than they did on their last tour.

During the interview, Martin was asked about a recent comment he made about not doing much press to promote the release of Coldplay's latest album.

"Yes, we're not doing very much talking or touring, or anything. The truth is Kevin, it's very personal - the record. It's also very unfiltered. So, in a way if I start to try to explain it, I'd start to second guess it. The decision we made is to be totally raw and pure about what the songs are. So then, there's no way to explain or defend them. They just are, you're either into them or you're not. It's totally ok either way," said Martin.

The full interview can be viewed below (the relevant part about touring is at 2:40).


All things considered, Martin has said that the band won't be doing "very much talking or touring" but at least his remark implies that they'll be doing some touring.

During another interview with Will Manning on The Official Big Top 40 , Martin was directly asked if the band would be hitting the road again.

"That is a question that I don't know how to answer, Will. Is that ok? I would just take that as whatever you want to take it as. I promise that we want to play live at some point in the future history of the world,"said Martin coyly (4:40 mark below).


The band's last gig in Ireland was in 2017 when they sold out Croke Park. Prior to their date in GAA HQs, they played at the 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards in Belfast.

All things considered, we'd be very surprised if Coldplay weren't out on the road in 2020.

Will an Irish date be on their schedule? That's the big question.

Clips via ENTERCOM and The Official Big Top 40.