Pic: Liam Gallagher also made his way to Mayo yesterday (Warning: Oasis pun overload) 8 years ago

Pic: Liam Gallagher also made his way to Mayo yesterday (Warning: Oasis pun overload)

Liam Gallagher was spotted in Sligo yesterday, but it seems as if he made his way all around the world, or at least the west of Ireland, during his visit to the old country yesterday.

The Beady Eye frontman was spotted in a couple of Sligo establishments yesterday afternoon and while he was in that part of the world, it was always likely he was going to call into nearby Charlestown in Co. Mayo, from where his mother’s family hail.


The picture below was sent into us by Sean Mulvanney and it was taken in Mannion’s Mace in Charlestown, where Sean tells us that Liam bought nine bags of Tayto crisps, five bags of Galaxy Minstrels, six Wispa Golds and some shaving foam. What, no cigarettes and alcohol?


Some might say that’s a lot of confectionary for one man – he could well have been sorting his kids out – but none of us going are going to Live Forever after all. Rumour has it he got a bowl of soup from the deli as well but decided not to get a roll with it.

We’re just surprised that given the momentum of the Mayo for Sam bandwagon that nobody tried to get Liam to pose with a Mayo flag ahead of the All-Ireland semi-final next weekend, but chances are Liam might be half the world away next Sunday so there might not have been much point.


*JOE goes to get (oversized) coat… puts hands behind back and shouts shiiiiiinnnnnne*

Hat-tip to Sean Mulvanney for sending this one into us