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11th May 2023

Piers Morgan brands Eurovision a ‘stain on humanity’

Charlie Herbert

‘I really didn’t like Ukraine winning it last year.’

Piers Morgan has labelled the Eurovision Song Contest a “stain on humanity” and accused it of “transparent virtue signalling” after Ukraine won the contest last year.

Morgan was speaking to Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh on his TalkTV show when he launched the scathing attack on the event, which will take place in Liverpool on Saturday night.

After Sharon said she was a fan of the annual song contest, Piers said: “I am not surprised you like this crap.”

She hit back, saying that, “It is not crap, it’s cultural.”

He then ranted: “Eurovision returns to the UK after a 25-year absence, it’s supposed to be of course in Ukraine, who won it last year but obviously, they can’t host it.

“So, Liverpool has the dubious honour of being the host city and that’s fine. Everyone I know seems to be widely excited about it apart from me.”

“I think Eurovision is a stain on humanity.”

After this comment, Sharon branded him “ridiculous.”

Louis then defended the competition, telling the host that it is “brilliant fun and I watch it every single year.”

He continued: “There are some really good songs…you just played all the bad ones.

“ABBA came from it, Johnny Logan, Celine Dion…so many good ones.

“It is light entertainment at its best, Piers and you might not like it but I love it.”

Addressing Ukraine’s victory last year, just months after the invasion of the country by Russia, Morgan said: “I really didn’t like Ukraine winning it last year simply because the country is at war.

“The moment any competition goes into what I’d call transparent virtue signalling – because they weren’t the best act, we all know that – then it’s not a competition, it becomes something else. It’s people just ticking boxes.

“I love Ukraine, I love Ukrainians, I want them to win this war, but I don’t want to see them keep winning competitions simply because they’re at war, it’s ridiculous. Should they win the football World Cup as well?”

You can watch the entire debate below.

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