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13th May 2023

Eurovision 2023 Live: All the biggest, wildest and weirdest moments from Liverpool

Patrick McCarry

Eurovision live

In the words of Terry Wogan – “Every year I expect it to be less foolish, and every year it is more so.”

Welcome to Eurovision Live – your one-stop live feed that will keep you up to speed on all the biggest, wildest and weirdest moments from this year’s song contest, in Liverpool.

Oh yeah, and the music too.

We had Wild Youth flying the tricolour flag for Ireland, although a place in the final was not to be. Mae Muller is representing the hopes, dreams and big budget spend of the UK.

Hit on the Key Points to go to all the headline news. Follow all the latest from the final, on Saturday, RIGHT HERE:

Eurovision liveThe United Kingdom’s representative for Eurovision 2023, Mae Muller performs during the London Eurovision Party 2023. (Photo by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images)

Eurovision Live – ‘In all of our hearts and minds it’s Ukraine’s year’

The event is being held in Liverpool, this year, due to the ongoing war against Russia that is waging in Ukraine.

“Physically it’s in the UK but in all of our hearts and minds it’s Ukraine’s year,” UK entrant Mae Muller told The Guardian. “But I do feel it further highlights that no matter what is going on in the world we can come together…

“Eurovision is just the biggest safe space on the planet. Everyone’s so happy to be there and be themselves. It brings you back to the fact we’re all just humans on a rock.”

Humans on a rock. Perhaps that would have been a catchier song title than ‘I Wrote A Song’.

As for Wild Youth, the lads fired out a tweet ahead of their semi-final appearance and went hard on ALL CAPS, declaring, ‘Let’s make this arena ours!’ They gave it a rattle, but it was not to be.

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