Ronan Keating is hoping to collaborate with Jay-Z 9 years ago

Ronan Keating is hoping to collaborate with Jay-Z

Jay-Z made some waves this weekend when the ad for his new album Magna Carta hit our screens during the NBA finals, and it looks like Ronan Keating wants in on the action

The biggest news in music for the last few days has been the Jay-Z ad which aired during the NBA finals for his new album Magna Carta Holy Grail, which will hit stores on July 4th.


The ad features a dapper Pharrell, Timbaland dressed in what appears to be a bin bag and gold chains, and the man himself talking about the new album, with some slick beats going on in the background.

One person who was watching the ad anyway was our very own Ronan Keating, as he told the Irish Mirror that he hopes to team up with Jay-Z and become a bit more of a serious artist.

Ronan has recognised that he has 99 problems to compete with One Direction for the teen market, but adding in something totally different like Jay-Z could give him an edge.


He told the Mirror “There are so many great artists out there. I would like to work with someone who’s very different from me, like Jay-Z”, and even said he'd penned a song for the duo if they could make it happen.

It's only words at the minute, but while we don't know about you, we would be first in line to snap up that single if it ever came out. We presume it will be called "It's ya Boy...Zone".

Still, if anyone Irish is going to be collaborating with Jay-Z, it'll be Simon Zebo and Paddy Jackson.