A very necessary tribute to Scuzz TV (2003 - 2018) 4 years ago

A very necessary tribute to Scuzz TV (2003 - 2018)

Crabcore enthusiasts... unite!

Thursday brought a devastating reminder that nothing lasts forever with the announcement that hard-rockin' music channel Scuzz TV will soon breathe its last breath.


In a statement posted on their official Twitter account, Scuzz TV wrote:

"Today, sadly we announce that from the 15th November 2018 Scuzz TV will be closing. We’d like to thank our fans for all the amazing support over the past 15 years.

"Tune in and join us for our final week where we will be celebrating the best of the channel

"We have been Scuzz TV."


And with that, the tears began to flow.

Generation YouTube may not fully grasp the importance of television channels like Scuzz, Kerrang!, NME and, of course, the godlike MTV2.

It was a different era, one where tangible things like CDs and magazines ruled the roost, one where you couldn't simply use your phone to dial up the video for Slipknot's 'Duality' - still a banger, by the way - and lose your mind.

Nah mate, we had to take what we were given in drip-feed form.


Scuzz, which to its immense credit, has lasted for 15 years amidst an ever-evolving media landscape, was one such haven for those of a more extreme persuasion.

Plus, it helped spread the joy of Crabcore to the world.

With all of this in mind, it is time to pay honour and respect and we shall do this by posting a bunch of the most Scuzz-riffic videos that featured in the channel's proud history.



Attack Attack! - 'Stick Stickly'

If you are wondering just what the hell 'Crabcore' is, well, dear reader, it is time to get educated...

Clip via riserecords

Just look at them go!


Attack Attack!


The guitars-behind-the-head Ric Flair 'Woo!' move a minute in? Unbelievable.

Please don't misunderstand; 'Stick Stickly' is legitimately one of the worst songs ever created, but fair play to Attack Attack! for bringing such wholesome fun into our lives.

Plus, you get the feeling it inspired this absolute nonsense:

Clip via Tragic Hero Records

Right, let's get back on track.

Still Remains - 'The Worst Is Yet To Come'

Clip via Roadrunner Records

Seriously what is it with Scuzz-approved bands and milling around in some desert ruins?

Disturbed - 'Land of Confusion'

Clip via Disturbed

A real good 'just in from the pub at 3am' shout, this one.

Yes, it's Disturbed doing a Genesis cover. Why not? They'd tackle Simon & Garfunkel a few years later, proving that nothing truly is sacred.

Stone Sour - 'Through Glass'

Clip via Roadrunner Records

And you thought that Scuzz didn't have a sensitive side.

Fair warning; I may have fever-dreamed that Scuzz actually played this but I'm 99% certain it did and as Batman once said - if there's even a 1% chance that... wait, how did that one go again?

Corey Taylor really is better off in his mask (creatively speaking, he's a handsome devil so no image-shaming here) but 'Through Glass' is a classic tough guy sad-banger.

Atreyu - 'Ex's & Oh's'

Clip via Atreyu

Y'know guys, I'm starting to wonder if Scuzz was actually any use or not.

Oh, Atreyu. So much angst. So much pain.

Exceptional song title here that really sets you up for the emotional torment that follows.

Nightwish - 'Over The Hills And Far Away'

Clip via Nightwish

No words.

So there you have it. A mere handful of the chaos that Scuzz unleashed upon the world.

To all involved, you were soldiers and you fought with honour.

Blast your favourite Crabcore song tonight in glorious tribute.