Shane MacGowan visited by bandmates as wife issues another update on his health 3 months ago

Shane MacGowan visited by bandmates as wife issues another update on his health

The legendary Irish songwriter has been in and out of hospital for months

Shane MacGowan’s wife has shared another update on his health following his lengthy spell in hospital.


Victoria Mary Clark shared the post on Twitter alongside a picture of the legend of music and lyricism. Shane, who’s now 65, has been in and out of hospital for a long time, more so in recent years, due to his ongoing health struggles.

Last December, MacGowan was diagnosed with a rare life-threatening brain condition called encephalitis which causes a swelling of the brain.

According to Sky News, MacGowan is believed to have been in intensive care for the last few months after being diagnosed with viral encephalitis.

Just yesterday, Victoria shared a picture of MacGowan in a hospital gown with an oxygen tube in and wrote:

“Love is the most beautiful and powerful thing that we can experience as humans but love can also feel painful especially if you are afraid of losing a person or anything else that you love.

“The really really big challenge that we all face is to go beyond what our minds think are the limits of love and what love really is. A lot of the time that thing we call love can more accurately be described as attachment or desire or need or longing or closeness or connection. And all of these are totally valuable and human and we need to acknowledge and appreciate and accept every part of our experience.

“But sometimes when you love very deeply you will find yourself facing terrifying fears of loss that can feel so big and devastating that you don’t know how you can survive them and you can’t imagine life without this person that you love.”

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The post continued: “It’s in these moments when you are staring into the abyss that you have an opportunity to expand your consciousness beyond the limitations of your mind. You have an opportunity to discover more of who you really are and more of who your soul really is and more of your connection with this person who you love.

“You might alternate between terror and a sense of peace or a feeling of appreciation for what you have in the moment together or grace or gratitude for the love and support that is offered to help you by other people.

“Fear is an unknown place and this is what makes it so frightening, we make up stories about what is beyond the fear and they are not happy stories.

“But we can choose to stay present with everything that unfolds and to feel as much as possible in every moment and we can be surprised that there are more moments of beauty and grace and even joy than we ever imagined.

“Stay tuned in to love no matter what is happening in your world and keep inviting all of your angels and guides to support you and know that love is always the best choice!”

After many thousands of people flooded the comment section with support and well wishes, Victoria shared another update, explaining that his former Pogues bandmates, Spider Stacy and Terry Woods had been to visit Shane in hospital.

She wrote: “I just wanted to say a massive thanks to everyone who has been messaging me and ⁦@ShaneMacGowan⁩ and thank you ⁦@spiderstacy⁩ and Terry Woods for coming to visit him.

“Love and prayers for everyone who is struggling right now. Hang in there!”

Stay strong Shane.

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