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14th Nov 2023

Ryanair pilot reports UFO sighting “within 20 metres” of plane

Simon Kelly

Ryanair UFO

They couldn’t stay away from those low, low fares.

A Ryanair pilot claimed to have spotted an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) fly “within 20 metres” of their aircraft, according to a police report.

Following a Freedom of Information request made to Essex Police in the UK, a compilation of reports was released, containing multiple sightings of UFOs across the area.

Among them was a 2022 sighting by a Ryanair pilot who had a very close call with a UFO, while flying an aircraft near Stansted Airport.

In the report, police stated: “Ryanair was climbing out from Stansted Airport and was a height of 4000ft and just over the St Elizabeth Centre the pilot saw an object which describes as ‘black’.

“It passed within 20 metres of the aircraft, the plane was travelling at 230mph (370km/h) and the object was travelling from north to south.

“They have said that it was possibly a drone but the drone monitoring equipment at the airport has not picked it up.”

Multiple UFO sighting reports released by police

The UFO reports made public by police showed 26 separate sightings from 2018 to August 2023. Seven reports were made in 2022 and four in the last year.

If the truth really is out there, as they say, “out there” may specifically refer to the area in and around Stansted airport, as a similar sighting also happened near there in 2022.

The report was made after multiple aircraft reported an object underneath them as they were approaching to land.

The statement reads: “Incident placed on as UFO as three aircraft reported an object was in their vicinity. Inf from tower reporting two planes have reported an object at about 500ft below them as they were coming into land on runway 22, the closest being 20km away.

“Approach (2-3 miles out) when their tcas [traffic collision avoidance system] alerted them to something at around 500ft. None of the pilots could see anything when they looked.”

Definitely not something you want to be seeing on your way back home from Mallorca.

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