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30th Dec 2017

Stormzy tears apart Daily Mail for article about grime music and “skunk”

Carl Kinsella

Grime rapper Stormzy has given the Daily Mail a piece of his mind after it published a story reporting that grime music glorifies the use of cannabis, and has led to an increase in the drug’s usage.

The article cited cannabis researcher Iain Hamilton at the University of York, and reported that Hamilton said that references to cannabis in grime music amounted to “essentially product placement.” The article also mentions several rappers by name, including Stormzy, Kano and Wiley.

Unsurprisingly, Stormzy didn’t take kindly to the tone of the piece and let the Daily Mail know exactly where they could go.

He wrote “White rockstars (and pop stars) have been sniffing coke and taking MDMA and singing about it since the beginning of music just admit you’re anti-black and fuck off you tramps.”

He then went one better and wrote “Imagine raising your child, loving and nurturing them. Sending them off to school and then uni for them to grow up and then get a job working for the fucking Daily Mail. Embarrassing.”

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