There’s a massive battle rap event happening in Dublin next month 3 years ago

There’s a massive battle rap event happening in Dublin next month

Ready to hear some bars?

There are some really cool underground scenes scattered across all of Ireland, and Irish Battle Rap is one of the most unique around.


We’ve written a tribute to Irish Battle Rap before, which you can read here, but for this upcoming event in Dublin, this is all you need to know.

Battlers from all over the world will be performing at the event. All of the battlers will have prepared their rounds in advance, and will have known who they were battling against for months.

A few of the battles will have a beat playing in the background (8 Mile style), but the majority of them will be rapped a cappella.

Whether you’re a die-hard rap fan, a poetry enthusiast, or just someone who’s looking for something different to do with their weekend, this Rap Is Full event is the one for you.


On the Saturday (8 February), the event will be held in Workman’s, and the first battle will kick off at 5.30.

It will carry on until 11pm on the same night, in a night that’s packed with artists from Ireland to Canada to California to New York to Liverpool to Wales.

Among the many clashes taking place on the Saturday, Workman’s will play host to the legendary battle rapper TheSaurus, who will take on Irish hip-hop veteran Nugget. TheSaurus is a two-time World Rap Champion, which is just a really cool title to have attached to your name.

Sunday’s event (9 February) will kick off at noon at the BelloBar in Portobello. The battles will all be wrapped up by 6pm, as it’s a Sunday evening after all…


Clip via Rap Is Full

Tickets are available, either for the Saturday, the Sunday or the entire weekend here.