Ticketmaster issue warning over Taylor Swift ticket scam 6 years ago

Ticketmaster issue warning over Taylor Swift ticket scam

Whether you love her or you hate her, Taylor Swift is one of the most popular musicians in the world.

So much so that she's expected to sell out two nights at Ireland's biggest venue, Croke Park.


Tickets for the second date, June 16 2018, go on presale today and the remainder of the tickets will be up for grabs this Friday, but Ticketmaster has issued to a stern warning to anyone who might be purchasing tickets from a reseller.

The message from Ticketmaster says to beware unofficial sellers, as many will offer to sell tickets before they even have them — this is called "speculative listing," and the sellers do not actually have tickets in hand at the time you give them your money.

Similarly, the ticketing giant has warned against buying Access Codes for Presale. According to the warning "You should not trust anyone trying to sell you a code. Access codes are linked to your Ticketmaster account and cannot be shared."


Stay safe out there.

Tickets for Taylor Swift's Croke Park gigs can be found here.