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22nd Jun 2017

WATCH: Train to Galway is delayed, massive music session starts on the platform

What a way to pass the time.


The delayed passengers happened to be in the company of musicians.

It’s the news nobody wants to hear. You’ve been rushing to catch your train back west and as you arrive in the doors of Heuston Station, you find out it’s been delayed.

It’s so hot outside and you’re now dripping sweat from running and all you wanted to do was get on that train and have a nice two hours doing sweet F.A.

20 minutes doesn’t seem like much but when you’re waiting for a form of transport, it can feel like a lifetime but luckily these passengers had a band nearby.

Not just any band, a 15-piece band, who were picking someone up from the train, which was coming from their motherland of Galway, and they just happened to have their instruments in tow.

You may have heard about the Galway Street Club, the busking band who previously featured on JOE and if you did, you will remember their trait of performing in strange places.

Now, they can add a train station to that list.

Their performances in Dublin didn’t end there. On Tuesday and Wednesday, they were playing all around the city and on Wednesday night, they were taking Whelan’s by storm with one of their unique gigs.

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