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07th Jul 2015

Video: Nirvana fans will love the ‘Smells Like Teen shovel’ clip that’s taking the Internet by storm

We've watched it 100 times already

Conor Heneghan

Is this what inspired Nirvana to come up with their most famous song?

As such an iconic band, Nirvana have a whole catalogue of brilliant songs but most fans would accept that Smells Like Teen Spirit, the emphatic opener from the Nevermind album, is their most famous.

It’s a powerhouse of a song throughout, right from the first few seconds when a cracking guitar riff is followed by Dave Grohl’s powerful drumming, an opening that instantly sets the tone for a magnificent song that checks in at just over five minutes.


Nirvana fans would recognise that opening sequence anywhere, even in footage of a man slipping on ice and dropping a shovel to the ground, producing a sound that is so similar to the start of the song it really is uncanny.

Silly it may be, but we have honestly watched this dozens of times already and we’ve no intention of stopping any time soon.

Clip via YouTube/igsagFeed