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WATCH: Galway man playing the public piano in Pearse Station is seriously talented
The man has got skills.


You may have heard about the addition of a piano in Pearse Street Dart Station in Dublin that has been going down well with members of the public.

The piano was installed by John Murphy of Murphy Piano Tuning and Iarnród Éireann along with some beautiful artwork by Sarah Edmondson.


Commuters and other passengers have been encouraged to give it a try if they're passing by and entertain some of the people waiting around for their train.

Well, give it a go is exactly what Evan McGuire from Galway did on a recent passing through the station and he absolutely killed it.


The footage was captured by chance by Paul Hughes, a wildlife photographer and the author of the book Doorstep Wilderness - A Wilder Side Of Dublin.

Video via Wildirishswan

Evan is a recent DCU graduate and is currently living in Dublin, and he combined with Paul (the pair don't know each other and the video was filmed as it happened) to create this very cool piece of music in Pearse Street Station.

Paul also created a documentary about urban wildlife called Sober Minds, that's available online here and well worth a watch.

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