WATCH: US rapper Flo Rida is part of San Marino's entry for Eurovision 1 year ago

WATCH: US rapper Flo Rida is part of San Marino's entry for Eurovision

And we have to say, it is an absolute BANGER.

At this stage, the "Euro" part of Eurovision is more of a concept than an actual rule. It has been ever since Australia was allowed to participate. Not that we're complaining in the slightest, the more the merrier when it comes to one of the most fun nights on TV!


To that end, Flo Rida has been announced as part of San Marino's entry for the 2021 contest, rapping during Senhit's new single 'Adrenalina'.

There was a time around the late '00s when Flo Rida became, almost inexplicably, one of the biggest artists in the world. 'Low', 'Right Round', 'Club Can't Handle Me', 'Wild Ones', and 'I Don't Like It, I Love It' were inescapable, playing in practically every bar, club, supermarket and radio station during the six years or so when he was at his peak.

He actually hasn't had a full album out in almost a decade now, but it sounds like not a day has passed since then when he appears on 'Adrenalina', which we're already earmarking as one of the favourites to win this year's competition.

The song itself - which features no less than 11 writers - proves that San Marino is definitely not messing around with their entry this year, and is the kind of campy club banger than Eurovision fans will absolutely eat up. And it is definitely a more up-tempo bop than Ireland's entry this year.


While his rap will feature in the finished, performed song, it is currently unclear if Flo Rida will join Senhit on stage in Rotterdam for the actual performance, with the semi-finals taking place on Tuesday, 18 May and Thursday, 20 May, before the final on Saturday, 22 May.

Check out 'Adrenalina' right here:

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