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20th Aug 2014

Whaaaaaat!? Calvin Harris made HOW much money last year!?

Lend us a fiver there like a good lad, yeah?

Eoghan Doherty

Lend us a fiver there like a good lad, yeah?

It looks like people really, really, really love their dance music. American business magazine Forbes has just released its ‘Electronic Cash List’ of the highest-paid DJs from 2014, and Scottish producer and DJ, Calvin Harris, has topped the lot. The talented music-maker made himself – through single sales, album sales, collaborations, performances and bagging old ladies’ shopping at his local Lidl – a whopping €50 million.

Excuse me?

FIFTY MILLION EURO. (Or €49, 642, 541.35 to be exact, but hey, what’s a little rounding up between friends?)

According to Forbes, David Guetta is in the number two spot on the list, but the lazy so-and-so only made around half of Harris’ earnings, taking home €22.5 million.  What a pathetic sum of money.

You can check out the full list by clicking here but, in the meantime, we’re off to put some more change in Calvin’s already-bulging pocket and listen to the boptastic ‘I’m Not Alone’

Yeah that’s right, boptastic. Trust us, it’s a cool word. *JOE bops off into the distance*

Clip via Embassy One and pic via Getty Images.

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