5 things you may not know about Mattie McGrath 13 years ago

5 things you may not know about Mattie McGrath

By William Nestor

Fianna Fáil TD Mattie McGrath has been booted out of the parliamentary party for going against the Government vote to ban stag hunting. JOE brings you five things you may not know about Mattie…


1. Mattie is in favour of drink driving

In October 2009 Mattie McGrath criticised the proposal by Noel Dempsey to lower the legal level of alcohol in drivers, claiming that for some people a small amount of alcohol made them less nervous behind the wheel, though he said he didn't condone drunk driving.

"If drink is such a sedative, it can make people who are jumpy on the road, or nervous, be more relaxed," Mattie said. His comments were criticised by Road Safety Authority chairman Gay Byrne and the Automobile Association.

2. Mattie has eight children


The pro stag hunting politician is married with eight children and takes all aspects of parenthood and family life very seriously. The 51-year-old Clonmel native developed his own local plant hire business, Suirside Plant Hire, in 1983. The company employs eight full-time staff. It is understood that the eight workers are not his children.

3. Mattie is an All-Ireland set dancer


In 1974 a 15-year-old Mattie McGrath won an All-Ireland set dancing title. However, there will be no one-two-threes out of his current predicament.

4. Mattie plays high stakes poker*

Just look at that face behind those tinted glasses. That is the face of a hardened poker player. Mattie gives nothing away when he’s at the table.

5. Mattie mistakenly told the unemployed to sing while they wait for work


Last Spring in his community newsletter, Mattie, mistakenly recommended his unemployed constituents to sing while they waited for a job to crop up.

“While waiting to find a job– and this may be difficult and frustrating until economic growth resumes– there is a great benefit in improving your skills and employability. This can be done by singing up for full or part– time education or training programmes.”

*Fact 4 is untrue