This is how a guy in Cork lost €1,700 to a very sneaky online car scam 8 years ago

This is how a guy in Cork lost €1,700 to a very sneaky online car scam

You'd be sickened.

A man in Cork named Benny was the victim of a cruel scam after agreeing to buy a car on Done Deal.


Benny travelled to Meath to look at a '04 Toyota Corolla he had agreed in principle to buy for €1,700 after seeing it on the site.

The person selling it arranged to meet Benny and his daughter, who the car was for, at 10pm near his house in Ashbourne.

The two arrived at the agreed time and place and met a man wearing a hi-vis vest. He showed them the car and everyone was happy with the deal.

The seller gave the girl a key but said he needed to show the money to his mother before letting take the car because "they were almost scammed last week by someone using forged notes".



The girl walked up to a nearby house and gave your man the money so he could show it to his mother. He walked in around the side of the house and was never seen again.

She ran back to the car to tell her dad what happened and when they tried the key in the Corolla, it didn't fit. No!

They went up to the house and rang the doorbell, an elderly woman appeared saying she didn't know anything about a car for sale.


They called the Gardaí and they were informed that similar scams were happening all over the place, they're currently investigating the incident.

Done Deal put a huge amount of work into limiting fraud on the site but let the buyer beware!

Benny was speaking to The Neil Prendeville Show on Cork's RedFM.