Ryanair and Norwegian launch Black Friday sales with massive reductions 1 year ago

Ryanair and Norwegian launch Black Friday sales with massive reductions

Fancy booking a flight? Now's your best chance...

The airline Norwegian has launched its Black Friday Weekend sale, offering those who are looking for a holiday up to 30% off all short-haul flights and 15% off all long-haul routes in Ireland and the UK.

The offer, which started on Friday morning, means that travelers can get discounted prices on all flights from 3 December - 31 March, excluding 17 December- 6 January.

The only issue is that flights have to be booked by Monday 26 November, so you better get going!

All you have to do is use the campaign code: EVERYROUTE18

More information can be found on the official Norwegian website.

Matt Woods, SVP Commercial at Norwegian said: "We are making travel even more affordable, with incredible savings to exciting global destinations from the UK and Ireland during the Black Friday weekend sale.

"These fantastic offers will allow holidaymakers and business travellers to take advantage of our low fares and fly in comfort on one of the youngest and greenest fleets in the industry".

And if that hasn't tempted you to pack your bags, Ryanair have only gone and done the same thing!

They are running a campaign that's offering a different deal for each day, which is operating until Monday 26 November.

Each deal is made public knowledge on the morning of each given day.

For example, today's deal is that they are offering 25% off on up to 1 million seats.

To find out if your preferred destination is included in the deal, you can visit their website here and find out.

Chances are you'll find somewhere that you'd be willing to head off to.