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07th Jul 2018

Sinn Féin MEP says she ‘accidentally’ liked a tweet referring to Arlene Foster as the C-word

Rudi Kinsella

arlene foster brexit

A likely excuse…

Lynn Boylan, a Sinn Féin MEP, liked an offensive and expletive tweet about DUP leader Arlene Foster.

The tweet in question likened Foster to Donald Trump, and labelled her “hateful, racist, bigoted” and “an orange c***”.

Boylan has since said that she accidentally liked the tweet, and that she was just scrolling past and clicked the like button unintentionally.

The tweet in full said: “So Arlene Foster is going to Scotland for the 12th next week, AND Donald Trump’s heading there the same week? Typical, isn’t it? You wait all year for a hateful, racist, bigoted Orange c*** and then two of them come along at once.”

The tweet referenced U.S President Donald Trump’s upcoming visit to Scotland, which is scheduled for 13 July.

She has since unliked the tweet and apologised for doing so, saying (via The Independent): “This was an accidental like that was undone immediately. I had meant to scroll past the tweet and accidentally hit the like button.”

“The tweet was offensive, bigoted and sectarian and is not something that I would ever associate myself with.

“In fact, the tweet defies everything I stand for politically and what I spend every working day trying to root out of Irish politics,” she said.