Leo Varadkar: 'Army is on standby if needed' 5 years ago

Leo Varadkar: 'Army is on standby if needed'

The Taoiseach was answering questions on Storm Emma, among other topics.

In the wake of the increased weather warning, in which Storm Emma has now resulted in a red status snow and ice alert, people are being told to take action in protecting themselves and others, as well as taking care of their property to ensure there are no injuries or damages caused by the storm.


On Newstalk Breakfast on Wednesday morning, Leo Varadkar said he is not aware of any “threat to food security” amid reports of customers stocking up on bread, milk and other basics ahead of the cold snap.

Varadkar has also said that the army will be on standby if needed.


Meanwhile, the Department Of Education has not announced any blanket statement of a "snow day" for schools, but has stated that each individual school can make the closures decisions themselves.

The majority of third level institutions on the east coast of the country have confirmed their closure for the day, while the majority of transport services have issued several updates on their operations for the day.

Aer Lingus have issued a statement to all customers who may be travelling with them via Dublin airport over the next few days.

And the worst is yet to come, as Thursday is said to have the worst weather of the week.