As is the norm on St Patrick's Day, Temple Bar looks like the gates of hell have opened 6 months ago

As is the norm on St Patrick's Day, Temple Bar looks like the gates of hell have opened

More wedged than wedges with a wedgie.

Céad Míle Fáilte to every single tourist and visitor to the 32 counties for the St. Patrick's weekend.

As always, the Irish public are absolutely delighted to welcome you to our country and while you've unquestionably been paying through the roof for the majority of things (capitalism can be a bitch) we hope that you enjoy your stay.

On that note, we wish you the very best when it comes to navigating your way through Temple Bar. If you've seen an episode of The Walking Dead, it will stand you in good stead.

Much like La Rambla in Barcelona, the Reeperbahn in Hamburg, and practically any hub of nightlife in a major city, Temple Bar is always the go-to location for most tourists when they visit Dublin and on St Patrick's Day, well, we all know the craic.

In fact, just like the inevitability of seeing a quite 'interesting' float at a local parade, the sea of bodies in Temple Bar is a Paddy's Day tradition.

To any tourist that's having a pint in the busiest spot in Dublin, we salute you because there's no way that any Irish person in their right mind would ever dream of heading into there on St. Patrick's Day.

After seeing this footage, the term 'squashed in like sardines' is very applicable.

If you fancy seeing live pictures of what's unfolding at this very moment, you can do so here.

Imagine what the queue for a pint would be like?

As always, if you're heading out to enjoy a drink on St. Patrick's Day, please do so responsibly.

Here's what the street looks like.

Temple Bar

Here's what the interior looks like.

Temple Bar