Irishman detained in Poland for defacing memorial at Auschwitz 4 years ago

Irishman detained in Poland for defacing memorial at Auschwitz

It has been confirmed that the incident took place on Sunday.

An Irish tourist has admitted to causing damage in the former Nazi concentration camp in Auschwitz.


A prosecutor confirmed to RTÉ that he was detained by security guards last Sunday after he scratched his name into a wall on the site.

The prosecutor said that the tourist was taken by car to the police station in Oświęcim where he was charged.

He immediately admitted to defacing the memorial and agreed to a punishment, which will be made public after a court hearing, according to the Oświęcim prosecutor's office.

His name has not been released, and he will not have to return to Poland for the hearing.


Polish press agency PAP reported the news earlier on Tuesday, and claimed that he scratched his name onto a wall at the concentration camp after he saw other names on written on the wall.

Over a million people are estimated to have died at Auschwitz during World War II. A UNESCO World Heritage site, it was visited by over two million people in 2017.