Australian Prime Minister makes headlines with "Irish girl in a brewery" comments 8 months ago

Australian Prime Minister makes headlines with "Irish girl in a brewery" comments

It's caused a bit of thunder down under...

An Irish girl working in a brewery has said she "wasn't offended in the slightest" by a comment from the Australian Prime Minister that has made headlines Down Under.


Scott Morrison's awkward joke has generated plenty of attention across Australia following his visit to Toohey's Brewery in Sydney.

"Of course there's going to be an Irish girl here in a brewery... with their brewing skills", the Australian PM said.

"These skills are being brought from all around the world, but it's great to see. Female apprentices, female engineers here, part of the biggest brewery operation here in New South Wales and the second biggest in the country."

The comment has received nationwide coverage from several Australian news outlets, including and 10 News First.


The Irish girl in question, Claire Hallissey from Blarney, commented on the response after the video had been posted to social media.

"Making quite the waves in Australia so I am," she tweeted.


Speaking to JOE, Claire said "my family and friends thought it was very funny and are all enjoying it as much as I am, and took no offense to his comments whatsoever either".

She is currently in the process of extending her visa with the brewery, but hopes to eventually return and brew in Ireland again.

Morrison had visited the brewery to promote a boosting apprentice programme, where eligible employers will receive a 10% wage subsidy during the second year of an eligible apprenticeship, and 5% in the third year.

According to Newspoll, Morrison's approval rating currently stands at 44%, a concerning statistic for the Liberal Party leader as the country prepares for a federal election in 2022.


This isn't the first time this month that Ireland's reputation as a nation of pintmen and women was referenced as a joke.

US President Joe Biden recently met with Pope Francis at the G20 Summit in Rome in the past month, claiming that he was "the only Irishman you've ever met who's never had a drink".