Bank of Ireland announces upgrades to its app and online banking service 1 year ago

Bank of Ireland announces upgrades to its app and online banking service

The bank says the changes will give more control to customers.

Bank of Ireland has introduced a range of new features to its online banking service.


The bank says the changes are designed to give more control to how its customers manage their debit and credit cards through its online banking channels.

This includes Bank of Ireland's mobile banking app and 365 online service on desktop.

"The new card management and control features will make a range of everyday transactions easier than ever for Bank of Ireland customers by adding self-service card management features," the bank said in a statement.

Available now through smartphone or desktop, the features will enable Bank of Ireland customers to:

  • Activate a new debit or credit card for online transactions
  • Freeze or unfreeze a card – in the event of a misplaced card
  • View a card PIN instantly – in case they forget it
  • Order replacement debit or credit cards without having to call the bank
  • Set up a credit or debit card for Apple Pay
  • Set up a debit card for Google Pay

“The financial wellbeing of our customers is a top priority for us, meaning we are committed to giving customers more control over their money," Director of Digital Centre of Excellence at Bank of Ireland Christine Hamill said.

"These new capabilities do exactly that, by enabling our customers to manage even more aspects of their day-to-day finances in a safe and secure way, using our mobile app or desktop, and without having to call us or visit a branch, if they chose to do this.

"We look forward to bringing more new features to customers over the coming months."


For more information about the upgrades, visit Bank of Ireland's website here.