Bank of Ireland customers facing issues when using their ATM cards 2 years ago

Bank of Ireland customers facing issues when using their ATM cards

Payments lodged into accounts have recently been problematic too.

Bank of Ireland has said that payments to customers across the country are now being made following a “processing delay”.


Earlier this morning, customers were left without payments following an issue with the bank.

The bank have now confirmed that payments are posting to customer accounts, and they apologised for the inconvenience caused.

In a statement to JOE, they said: "We can confirm that payments are now being processed and are posting to customer accounts. We would like to apologise for the inconvenience."

Bank of Ireland customers had made them aware of the issue via Twitter, and the bank said that they were aware of the problems.

However, other people have been experiencing issues when using their ATM and debit cards.

The bank have said that they're working as quickly as possible to resolve that particular issue.



With regards to processing payments, a similar issue occurred yesterday morning, when the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection reported that a number of individuals had issues receiving their social welfare payments.

The Department have said that "Bank of Ireland have confirmed that all payments have been credited to their customers' accounts, including Social Welfare payments.