Great news for Irish people who are looking to work in Canada 4 years ago

Great news for Irish people who are looking to work in Canada

Fancy a change? Your time is now.

Canada has released 10,700 new work permits for young Irish citizens.


They are available from 4 November for young Irish people between the ages of 18 and 35 and are split into three categories, Working Holiday permits (7,700), Young Professionals permits (2,500), and International 'Co-Op' permits (500) for those who have been granted an internship.

Almost 30,000 people have moved from Ireland to Canada since 2011, and some research has indicated that Canada is where Irish emigrants find the greatest degree of happiness.

Working Holiday and Young Professionals work permits last for two years while International Co-Op work permits last for up to one year.

The permits are being provided as part of the 2018 International Experience Canada initiative, a reciprocal program between Canada and 33 countries that allows young people to live and work in Canada.


One website that supplies impartial news and information about Irish people looking to work in Canada is  Moving2Canada and founder Ruairi Spillane, who emigrated from Kerry to Vancouver in 2008 says the onus is on applicants to fill out the paperwork.

"Every year, people think they can pay an agency a few hundred euro, and they'll get the work permit into their hands. That's simply not the case.

"Everyone stands the same chance of getting a work permit, whether you pay an agency, or go the DIY route. Agencies can give advice, but ultimately, the applicant still needs to fill out the forms themselves.

"That's why we created Moving2Canada. It's a free information resource where emigrants can learn all they need to know about the application process and save money on their move."


Interested? If so, you can visit the Moving2Canada website to find out more or you can also get in contact with the editor of the site at