"A cheat & a coward" - The UK front pages react to Johnson backing Cummings 1 month ago

"A cheat & a coward" - The UK front pages react to Johnson backing Cummings

Unsurprisingly, the story dominates the news.

Boris Johnson's backing of advisor Dominic Cummings covers the front pages of the UK papers on Monday.

Cummings has been under serious scrutiny this weekend following news that he violated the government guidelines by travelling over 200 miles to stay near his family home in Durham while he was experiencing symptoms for Covid-19, while there are also other allegations of travel levelled against him.

Monday's papers are even more interesting as The Daily Mail, which usually backs Johnson, has led with the line: "What planet are they on?"

“For the good of the government and the nation, Mr Cummings must resign. Or the prime minister must sack him. No ifs. No buts.”

The Guardian, which along with the Daily Mirror, broke the story of Cummings’s lockdown breaches, leads with: “No apology, no explanation.”

The Daily Mirror did not shy away on its front pages, calling Cummings a "cheat" and Johnson a "coward".

The Daily Telegraph, meanwhile, quotes Johnson's defence of Cummings.

The Times also offers Johnson's defence of Cummings as it's front-page headline.

The Sun focuses on the plan to reopen schools but manages to meld the two stories with a pun.

The i goes with “Chaos in number 10” and states that a number of Tory MPs have called for Cummings's resignation.

The Independent runs with "No Answers" along with a list of questions for the Prime Minister.

The Daily Express says that Johnson stands by his man.