Gardaí issue warning about text message scams in the lead up to Christmas 1 year ago

Gardaí issue warning about text message scams in the lead up to Christmas

Don't get caught out this Christmas.

Gardaí have issued a warning about text message scams and other types of fraudulent behaviour in the lead up to Christmas.


The public are being urged to stay on their toes, as ongoing scams enabled by text messages, fake loans websites, advance fee fraud and invoice re-direct fraud are on the rise before Christmas.

The scams in questions see customers receive text messages, e-mails or telephone calls in which victims receive a text/e-mail or call appearing to be from their bank asking them for personal details or security information designed to get unlawful access to bank accounts.

The text, e-mail or telephone call will instruct the individual to go to a website or make a phone call to a specified number, after which personal information will be sought.

Banking & Payments Federation Ireland Chief Executive, Brian Hayes said: "Fraudsters are becoming more sophisticated and innovative in their efforts to lure consumers to part with personal information.

"It’s crucial that consumers are aware of the scams that are in circulation and the advice to be followed in order to protect their finances and their bank accounts.

"FraudSMART, the BPFI’s fraud awareness initiative, is working with the Gardaí to make consumers aware of what’s happening at the moment and we’re advising them to visit our FraudSMART website, which provides advice on the key steps to proactively keep customers bank accounts and money safe".