Classic cars, a Tesla, designer watches and more seized in Criminal Assets Bureau raid 11 months ago

Classic cars, a Tesla, designer watches and more seized in Criminal Assets Bureau raid

A series of search operations targeted an East European crime outfit operating in Ireland.

Classic cars, a Tesla vehicle and high-price watches are among the most eye-catching items seized by An Garda Síochána following a multi-county raid operation carried out on Wednesday, 29 June.


The Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) conducted searches in Kildare, Waterford, Laois and Dublin throughout Wednesday morning, with over 80 personnel deployed to 15 different sites.

The operation was conducted by CAB officers supported by the Dublin Armed Support Unit, the Eastern Regional Armed Support Unit, the Stolen Motor Vehicle Investigation Unit, the Customs Dog Unit, the Kildare Detective Unit, the Portlaoise Detective Unit and detectives attached to the Dublin Metropolitan Region.

Wednesday's operation targeted an East European organised crime group involved in the laundering of the proceeds of crime via the second-hand car trade.


According to Gardaí, the outfit is also involved in the supply of vehicles to Irish organised crime groups throughout the country.

Assets seized on Wednesday include:

  • One Tesla electric vehicle
  • Two BMW electric vehicles
  • Two classic vehicles
  • €15,000 in cash
  • A number of high-value watches included Rolex and Cartier brands

The seizures follow on from similar CAB operations carried out during September and October of 2021, in which 18 high-value vehicles including Audi Q7s, BMW X5s, Range Rovers, a Jaguar I-Pace and a Tesla were retrieved.

A Garda spokesperson described Wednesday's outcome as "significant" in the context of the overall CAB proceeds of crime investigations targeting assets, including properties accrued by directors of organised crime gangs.


Images via An Garda Síochána