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10th Aug 2018

Colm O’Gorman receives threatening letter regarding Papal views

Kate Demolder

Pope Francis

“Make sure you stay out of it.”

Images of a handwritten letter sent to Amnesty International Executive Director Colm O’Gorman regarding his views on the forthcoming Papal visit have gone viral, due to its fiercely intimidating and derogatory nature.

O’Gorman, who is an outspoken victim of clerical abuse, posted pictures of the abusive letter on Twitter, which refers to him as a “fairy” as well as a number of gay slurs.

“Proof as if it was needed that the trolls aren’t just an online phenomenon,” he wrote.

The letter features a number of menacing threats directed towards O’Gorman, as well as a number of strong claims suggesting that the Pope will not listen to O’Gorman’s beliefs due to his sexual orientation.

The writer of the letter also heavily defends the Catholic Church.

The Wexford native mentioned that the letter, which has remained anonymous, involved “a signature of sorts.”

He continued to say, “But I won’t put that out there. Let him at it. Better he waste his vile energy on me than someone who could be hurt by it.”

O’Gorman also mentioned how he only revealed parts of the letter, as “it was also an all out attack on the integrity of a few other people.”

The 52-year-old first rose to prominence some 20 years ago when he sued the Pope for allegedly covering up a number instances of clerical abuse, including his own experiences.

Just last week, he single-handedly organised a rally to boycott Pope Francis’ visit for those who have “been abused or hurt by the Catholic Church” or those who “wish to stand in solidarity with those who have been abused”.

During a recent interview on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, O’Gorman claimed that Pope Francis should “tell the damn truth” about abuse cover-up when he’s here.

“How are they going to address, for the tens of thousands of people and families in this country who’ve been so traumatised and harmed by the rape and abuse of children and vulnerable adults, that was facilitated by and then covered-up by the church, including the Vatican?” he said.

“They haven’t given a jot to how they’re properly going to address that. I think that’s disgraceful.”

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